Other Workshops

We offer a range of training opportunities for HDR Advisors, please see the list below. For more information please contact grs@jcu.edu.au

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Developing a Recruitment Strategy Presented by Professor Nigel Marsh

One of the challenges for HDR Advisors is recruiting quality students. Today’s presenter will talk through how they recruit and select students and what is needed to develop a cohort of students to support your research. During this session we will consider what your ideal student may look like and where you will find them, as well as the advisory and researcher profile you will need to meet your goals. Through the workshop you will use a tool designed to help you develop your own strategy for recruitment of candidates.

Date: Tuesday 19 November

Time: Singapore 12-1pm (AEST: 2pm to 3pm)

Place: Singapore A3-01 and Zoom https://jcu.zoom.us/j/905977547

Register: https://bit.ly/2O5yhx0

Topics and date to be advised