Enabling Mental Health for Research Degree Students

Is there something about the PhD (and HDR) that increases the chances of mental health issues? Of course some PhD candidates bring mental health issues into their PhD with them but are the way we structure it (or don’t structure it) and support them (or don’t support them) also factors. It’s always easy to blame the victim but perhaps we’re doing things (often unwittingly) to make it worse?

Hugh Kearns works with thousands of research students all over the world. They often confide in him about the struggles and strains of the experience. They tell him things they would never tell their supervisor or anyone in authority at their university. And some themes do emerge.

In this session Hugh will describe some of these themes and then discuss how deans of graduate schools, researcher developers and support staff can assist in enabling mental health for research degree student.

Presented by Hugh Kearns from Thinkwell. Hugh has worked with thousands of academic all over the world for the past 25 years. He draws on this experience and his background in psychology to provide this practical workshop on how to stay well during your academic career.

Who is it for

Deans, ADRE’s, Research Developers and Research Education Support staff

** Dates to be confirmed for 2020 **


How to Register

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