Policies, procedures and practices for advising JCU research candidates change over time, and it is important for all advisors to stay up to date.  Therefore, we ask all who are on the Register of Advisors to update their knowledge once every four years. This is a simple process that requires reading the latest Advisor Handbook and answering some questions on its content.


  • Academic staff registered as Primary Advanced or Advisor Mentor have the option of completing the Self Review of Portfolio task.
    Once completed please email it to grs@jcu.edu.au to ensure your registration is extended.

Instructions on how to access the training in LearnJCU

  1. Log into LearnJCU
  2. Choose "Organisations"
  3. Choose the "Higher Degree by Research Advisor Organisation". If you do not have access to this organisation, please email the grs@jcu.edu.au and you will be added (please quote your JC number in the email)
  4. Click on UPDATE: Online Advisor Training Quiz (left hand side)
  5. Read the JCU HDR Advisor's Handbook
  6. Complete the quiz - 10 multiple choice questions