HDR Progress Report Procedure

This Procedure elaborates the Progress Report Procedure section of the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Requirements.


  1. To check whether progress on the candidate’s thesis is proceeding according to plan;
  2. To identify and address as far as possible any impediments to progress;
  3. To comply with the external regulatory reporting requirements for international HDR candidates.


This Procedure applies to candidates for the research higher degrees offered by the University.


Terms mentioned in this document and not defined here are defined in the Glossary of Terms for Policies in the Student and Teaching and Course Management chapters of the University Policy Library and in the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Requirements.


1.1 A report on the candidate’s progress must be submitted to the Graduate Research School on the HDR Progress Report Form every six months except if one of the milestones (Confirmation of Candidature, Mid-Candidature Review or Pre-Completion Evaluation) has been completed successfully in the previous six months, or the thesis has been submitted for examination.

1.2 The Graduate Research School will advise the candidate and their Advisory Panel of the due date for submitting the upcoming Progress Report at least twenty (20) working days before it is due to be submitted to the Graduate Research School.

1.3 The HDR Progress Report Form should be completed by the candidate followed by the members of their Advisory Panel, all of whom are asked to be frank in their report to facilitate the identification and timely resolution of any problems.

1.4 The candidate must have read the Explanatory Statement if there is one, and any Advisor comments before signing the report.

1.5 The completed HDR Progress Report Form must be forwarded to the Graduate Research School with all the required signatures including that of the candidate. The Graduate Research School will communicate the approved course of action of the Dean, Graduate Research to the candidate, Advisory Panel and Dean of College.

1.6 A Candidate who wishes to appeal the outcome of their Progress Report should appeal in writing to the College Dean, prior to HDR Progress Report Form being provided to the Graduate Research School.  The College Dean may support or rescind the recommendation for the Progress Report.

1.6 Where a candidate fails to submit a required HDR Progress Report Form, the outcome for that report will normally be recorded as ‘Review of Progress Required’, unless an alternative outcome is approved in writing by the Dean, Graduate Research.

1.7 A candidate who fails to submit two successive reports or who receives two successive ‘Review of Progress Required’ outcomes will be subject to the HDR Under Review Procedure.

1.8 The Dean, Graduate Research or the Research Education Sub-Committee may at any time require a candidate to submit a progress report, provide material and undertake activities in order to evaluate their progress.

1.9 The candidate and Advisory Panel may submit an additional confidential report at this time or at any time to provide additional confidential information in relation to the candidate and their progress.

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