The TropINTERN program can be utilised by Industry partners wishing to engage with HDR Candidates by having them as an intern within their organisation. The aim of the program is to promote better engagement between HDR researchers and industry, and industry to better leverage the broad and varied skill sets our HDR Candidates possess. Industry partners can be anyone from a small business to a large multinational company or not-for-profit organisation - anyone who would benefit from accessing skilled researchers.

TropINTERN is a program which is very flexible in terms of internship duration and financial arrangement, but with the structure behind it to ensure success (see below subject outline.) To discuss opportunities please contact

Individual document sections (pdf forms):

Success stories of former TropINTERN candidates

Do you want to know what different types of Internships the program has funded? What was the interns' experience? Read some of our success stories below.

APR.Intern is the only national all sector – all discipline internship program placing PhD students into industry.

A not-for-profit program, APR.Intern is open to women and men with an emphasis on gender equity, domestic, regional and disadvantaged PhD students into STEM internships. APR.Intern provides PhD students with the opportunity to apply their research expertise to a short-term 3-5 month project, whilst gaining invaluable experience in an industry setting.

    • The scheme is open to currently enrolled full and part-time domestic and permanent resident PhD Candidates who have passed their Confirmation of Candidature and are able to demonstrate that participation in the internship will not adversely impact on their scheduled thesis submission date.
    • Internships for international PhD Candidates will not qualify for the 50% government rebate.
    • Eligible industries span the entire innovation sector including not-for-profits, government departments, publicly funded research agencies (PFRAs), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and big business. The program’s industry partners include ANZ, Telstra, Defence Science and Technology Group, Office of the Chief Scientist and more.
    • Overseas industry partners will be eligible as long as appropriate academic mentorship can be arranged. Overseas industry partners will not be able to claim the 50% government rebate.
    • Each 5-month internship is valued at $26k, of which $3k per month are a stipend for the intern; $5.5k go to the Academic Mentor for their support and supervision and $5.5k go towards the administrative costs of the program. Program costs will be covered by the industry partner. Eligible industry partners will receive a 50% rebate from the Australian Government, bringing the overall project costs to $13k for a 5-month internship.

Read about the impact APR.Intern PhDs have made when matched with industry.

Details about the program, and current available APR]ntern Internships can be found on the APR.Intern webpage.

Contact at JCU

Please contact Fiona Whittenbury from the GRS by email

For further information on the APR Intern program please contact the APR Intern Business Development Officer (QLD), Michael Koczyrkewycz by email or phone 0412 860 824.

How do I become an intern?

(1) Applying for an advertised internship position


(2) Submitting an application with a specific industry partner

If you already know who you want to do your internship with and you have discussed this opportunity with your industry partner, you can submit a general application. Please fill out an EOI here and Michael will get in touch.

Internship Subject and Candidature Management

APR Interns are required to be enrolled in Internship Subject RD7004 for the duration of the internship.  Please read the RD7004 HDR Internship Subject Outline for more information.