Intellectual Property and Copyright

Intellectual Property and Copyright

HDR candidates must attend this session at least once during the first 12 months of candidature (full-time equivalent).  

As a researcher it is important that you are aware of copyright obligations and privileges as both a creator and user of copyright protected material; understand your rights as the creator (e.g. author) of your thesis, research publications and other works; and realise your obligations in using the work of others, e.g. when reproducing figures, images, photos, tables, survey instruments, multimedia, other print and online materials.

This workshop introduces the copyright issues to be addressed throughout the thesis process – research, writing, submitting and publishing – and provides examples of how best to protect your copyright including assigning, licensing and seeking permissions to use other third party copyright materials.  This workshop will provide practical advice and examples on how to submit your thesis to ResearchOnline@JCU ( the JCU digital repository and how to promote your thesis through the repository.

Have you or do you intend to publish sections of your thesis or your thesis as a whole?

  • You must understand what you agree to in the publisher agreement before you sign it. Once you have signed this agreement it will influence how you can use your own work in the future.
  • There are certain conditions you should look for in an agreement; can you include a published or Accepted Version in your thesis, both in print and online?
  • If you have already signed an agreement or published your work, re-read the agreement to see what it allows. If you sign copyright over to the publisher, you are no longer the copyright holder, even though you are the creator of the work.
  • This means that you must obtain permission from the publisher if you wish to include your published papers in your thesis and that your thesis will be available through the institutional repository (ResearchOnline@JCU).
  • If you’d like to know more about this and the alternatives available to you, attend this workshop. Other helpful resources include the ResearchOnline@JCU LibGuide, Publishing Academic Research LibGuide or you can contact for further information.
CairnsThursday 21 March 20191:00pm to 3:00pmA4-130
TownsvilleThursday 28 March 20191:00pm to 3:00pmEndeavour Room, JCU Halls of Residence
TownsvilleThursday 19 September 20191:00pm to 3:00pmEndeavour Room, JCU Halls of Residence
CairnsThursday 3 October 20191:00pm to 3:00pmD3-063

Registrations open 6 weeks prior to the workshop date via CareerHub.

It is preferable that attendance at this workshop is face to face but if you are unable to attend for a particular reason you may complete the equivalent online module in LearnJCU. The module can be found in the Higher Degree by Research organisation, in the Copyright folder. For information on how to access the organisation please refer to the Using CareerHub and LearnJCU guide.