Research Integrity

Research Integrity

Research Integrity

HDR candidates must attend this session at least once during the first 12 months of candidature (full-time equivalent).  

This workshop will provide challenging ethical scenarios that are pertinent to research candidature, for debate, discussion and reflection. In this interactive workshop, participants will be asked to consider the scenarios presented and engage in group discussion on their nature and ways to approach them in real-life research settings.

TownsvilleTuesday 20 March 20182:30pm to 4:30pmJCU Halls of Residence, Endeavour Room
CairnsTuesday 10 April 20182:00pm to 4:00pmD3-144
CairnsTuesday 4 September 20182:30pm to 4:30pmTBC
TownsvilleTuesday 11 September 20182:00pm to 4:00pmJCU Halls of Residence, Endeavour Room

Registrations for March and April will open 2 January 2018 via CareerHub.

Attending this workshop face to face if preferable, but if you are unable to attend for a particular reason you may complete the equivalent online module in LearnJCU. The module can be found in the Higher Degree by Research Organisation and is called Research Integrity: Concise (Core Course) and is found in the Epigeum Research Integrity Additional Modules folder. For information on how to access the organisation please refer to the Using CareerHub and LearnJCU guide.

Note that the Research Integrity: Concise course is the compulsory course.  You may also choose from a wide variety of other Epigeum ethics modules, specific to your disciplinary area.  If you choose to undertake these additional modules, you may count the time you spend working on them as part of the Elective Component of RD7003 Professional Development.

NB. For those HDR candidates who require specific training in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research ethics, you will need to undertake the course provided in the Smart Sparrow:  Research Ethics and Integrity Modules.  You will first need to enrol in the Smart Sparrow database by emailing