How to be a Narrative Ninja

How to be a Narrative Ninja

Do you know the single most important thing that determines the quality of a piece of academic writing? You might think it is the data that you have. Or perhaps it is the literature on which you base your research question. Maybe it is the theory you choose. While all these things are important, none of them is as important as the narrative that you construct in your writing.

This workshop will show you why narrative is so important and how to construct a narrative. There will be demonstrations of creating a narrative and opportunity to practice creating your own narrative for either a part of your work or your whole work.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why narrative is so important
  • Where you will find the narrative
  • The power of the 10 year old, and if that doesn’t work, the border collie
  • How language gets in the way of narrative
  • How to recognise narrative in others work
  • How to write the narrative of your own piece of work

Who is it for: Academics / Researchers and HDR candidates at any stage of their candidature.

Presented by Thinkwell, Maria Gardiner and Hugh Kearns.

CairnsTuesday 26 November 20191:00pm to 4:00pmTBC
ZoomTuesday 26 November 20191:00pm to 4:00pm

** Please note that attendance at the Cairns Campus is for observation only, there will be activities that only the attendees in Townsville can participate in.

Registrations open 6 weeks prior to the workshop date via CareerHub. (Staff are welcome however only HDR Candidates need to register)

The book that is most suitable for this workshop is Turbocharge your Writing and is available for purchase from the Thinkwell website in hard copy or electronic.

Participation in this workshop may be counted in the Elective Component of RD7003 for PhD candidates.