Idea Mapping

Idea Mapping / Mind Mapping

Mapping your ideas is a creative way to organise your thinking. There are a range of tools such asconcept maps, mind maps or idea maps.

These mapping techniques are used all over the world by students, teachers, researchers and in businessas a way of improving learning and increasing creativity. They can be used to: organise the content andideas in your thesis, structure a paper or report you need to write, prepare your lecture or presentation,or record brainstorming sessions. They are effective, easy to use and most of all FUN. In this workshopyou will learn by doing. You will see how a idea map is created and then create your own using your owntopic.

The workshop will include opportunities for you to use idea mapping with your own project. So bringalong your ideas (and some coloured pencils)!

This is a learning by doing workshop. You will get to try out different approaches, see what others do andget guidance and suggestions on how you can get the most out of idea maps. In the workshop you will:

  • Find out about the different types of maps (concept, mind, idea)
  • Learn guidelines you can apply in developing maps
  • See examples of idea maps
  • Use maps to boost creativity
  • Find out about further resources

Presented by Thinkwell's Hugh Kearns or Maria Gardiner

TownsvilleThursday 21 June 20181:00pm to 4:00pm142-023
CairnsTuesday 19 June 20181:00pm to 4:00pmA1-129

Registrations open 6 weeks prior to the workshop date via CareerHub.

For more information visit the Thinkwell website.

Participation in this workshop may be counted in the Elective Component of RD7003 for PhD candidates.