JCU Work Health and Safety Induction

HDR candidates must complete this online training at least once during the first 12 months of candidature (full-time equivalent).

All training sessions and online videos can be found here: https://www.jcu.edu.au/work-health-and-safety/training

JCU WHS Mandatory Safety Training Course

JCU Work Health and Safety Induction – all Post Graduate Students

JCU fire & evacuation Program (FEP) – all Post Graduate Students

RiskWare System Use – all Post Graduate Students

WHS Risk management Fundamentals Training – all Post Graduate Students

RiskWare Field Trip Module –to be completed if undertaking field work

Other training may also be required to complete – make contact with your advisor/supervisor or the WHS Unit- safety@jcu.edu.au

You will need to retain evidence that you have completed these online modules. Please email safety@jcu.edu.au. Please note that the GRS does not have access to these records so candidates must ensure that they obtain a record for themselves.



Information for JCU students to plan, organise and fund work relate travel.

Pre travel Registration

Irrespective of Travel Advice Levels, international travellers SHOULD register their travel movements and contact details with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (refer to smartraveller.org.au).

Travellers are encouraged to copy important documents such as their passport, itinerary, hotel contact details, confirmation of airline tickets, etc., and to carry them in a different bag from the originals.

In Country Information

Contact Chief of Staff to obtain more detailed current in country information before you travel to higher risk areas. The information provided will assist with risk identification and to manage the risk. Email: chiefofstaff@jcu.edu.au. Be advised that travel to some countries will not be covered by the University’s insurance policies (see below) and may require a higher level of authorisations/approvals.


JCU has a combination of insurance policies in place to meet legal obligation and to protect  its people, assets and activities.

For further information regarding JCU’s insurance program or making a claim, refer to the below links, or contact JCU's Insurance Office on (07) 4781 4882 or insurance@jcu.edu.au

In the Event of an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, sickness or injury anywhere in the world, 24/7 travel, security and medical information and assistance is available.



James Cook University has specific obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act with regard to the health and safety of volunteers whilst they are undertaking work at a University workplace.

Field Trips

HSE-Pro-007 Field Trip Procedure provides information about James Cook University’s (JCU) minimum work health and safety legal requirements for field trips within Australia and overseas and provide a framework for responsible officers and participants to meet their obligations.  All JCU field trips are managed through the RiskWare Field Trip Module.

Risk Management Field Trips

The purpose of the field trip, together with a summary of its associated activities and expected outcomes, must be clearly established at the planning stage.  All field trips must undergo a mandatory risk assessment at the planning stage of the field trip.  The WHS unit is available to assist with the creation of a risk assessment as well as advisors and supervisors.

If, prior to, or over the duration of the field trip, circumstances change, the Field Trip Leader must review the existing approved risk assessments and revise as necessary to ensure adequate control measures remain in place.  New or modified risk assessments must be documented.

Need Assistance

Make contact with the Work Health and Safety Unit – safety@jcu.edu.au or 07 4781 5290

Speak with your advisor/supervisor