Before you can graduate

Graduation Before you can graduate

Before you can graduate

If you have completed the requirements for your course and wish to graduate, you must complete the Online graduation application form.

Any student who does not wish to attend a Graduation Ceremony can have their award conferred in absentia at a University Council meeting (Tick the appropriate box on the form).Students who request to graduate in absentia, will be mailed their certificate to a nominated address and will then be unable to participate in any future ceremonies.  

Students who complete their degree mid-year have the option to graduate in absentia or they may attend the next scheduled faculty graduation ceremony which may not be until the following year. Students who opt to attend a graduation ceremony will not receive their testamur until graduation. If proof of completion for the degree is required prior to graduation an official academic transcript indicating completion may be purchased.  

The University is unable to graduate any student who has not completed the Online graduation application form.  

Please note: Applicants who have failed to show identification in an examination room or who have any outstanding fees or charges will not be approved to graduate.  

Wearing academic dress at graduation ceremonies is compulsory