Enterprise Bargaining

2 August 2013

Dear Colleagues

I write further to clarify the University’s request on 24 July 2013 that staff engaged in the protected industrial action provide exam scripts and assignments to their Heads of Schools as soon as possible. I want to assure all staff that NTEU members are able to take protected industrial action as authorised by a ballot should they choose to do so, within the bounds of the legislation.

Whilst JCU fully accepts that NTEU members are entitled to apply bans on the recording and/or transmission to the employer of assessment results, the University does not believe students should be forced to suffer because of a dispute between the University and some members of staff. Results were due on July 8 and unfortunately some students are still missing, at least, the results for one subject.

NTEU members engaging in the partial work ban on the recording and/or transmission to the employer of assessment results are to provide their student’s exam scripts and assignments, with their markings removed, to their Head of School by 5pm on Wednesday 7 August 2013. It is the University’s opinion that providing the documents with the marks removed does not fall within the definition of “transmitting results” and is therefore not protected industrial action.

The University will then take whatever action it can to expedite getting results to affected students.




Heather Gordon|Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (University Services) & Registrar

James Cook University