Enterprise Bargaining

Dear Colleagues,

As you may be aware the National Union of Students has called a National Day of Action on 20 August to protest the $2.3 billion cuts to higher education announced in April of this year and have called on JCU to support this action.

JCU is supportive of students participating in the National Day of Action but we will not be cancelling any classes on that day. As a minimum, students who participate in the National Day of Action will be required to catch up on any course material they miss while absent. In addition, those students for whom participation is assessed will be instructed to speak with their lecturers in advance to advise them they will be absent and to make arrangements to attend alternative tutorials that week, should this be necessary. Students will be advised of JCU’s requirements in this regard.

Academic staff should be aware that students may not attend classes and may request permission to attend alternative tutorials or request an alternative timing of, or form of, assessment. Academic staff are encouraged to be as accommodating as possible of any student requests for alternative arrangements.

Whist JCU supports the action in principle, JCU will not be paying staff to stop work for this action.


Heather Gordon

Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University Services & Registrar