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26 July 2013

Dear Colleagues

As you will be aware, the University has decided not to accept partial work bans for teaching related duties, including provision of technical support for video conferencing. This communication is to provide information to staff that may be useful in the event of technical support not being available. As you’ll be aware, we are not able to be certain about what support will not be available and when.

AV support

As the protected industrial action may impact on JCU’s ability to videoconference classes, included below is information that may assist staff.

Staff wishing to use videoconferencing including for teaching should familiarise themselves with information at


Videoconferencing in Common Teaching Areas: may not connect automatically. Lectures wishing to use videoconferencing to connect a remote site will need to initiate videoconferencing manually. This can be done by using the address book button on the touch panel or remote control to look up the site you wish to call, and then pressing the call button. Further information for using remote controls or touch panel based systems is available at https://www-internal.jcu.edu.au/videoconferencing/tips/JCUPRD1_050402

Videoconferencing to multiple remote sites: may only be available from some locations. Locations that support connecting to multiple remote sites are:

Townsville – Rooms 1-021, 1-203, 134-010, 134-102, 134-105, 17-101, 25-001, 25-002, 26-001, 3-002, 40-103, 9-001, 9-002.

Cairns – Rooms A1-129, A21-001, A21-002, A3-001, A3-002, A3-003, B1-031, D1-225, D3-017, D3-104, E4-104.

Instructions on how to connect multiple remote sites is available at: http://www.jcu.edu.au/Videoconferencing/ Click on the “Connect a Videoconference”

Video recording of lectures: electures may not be available from videoconferencing systems. A potential workaround is to use Camtasia Relay to record your Powerpoint and audio.

See http://www-public.jcu.edu.au/lt/relay/ for more information.

Videoconferencing connections external to JCU may not be available.

General support for staff in Common Teaching Areas: may be very limited. We will endeavour to make some technical support for staff in Common Teaching Areas available via the standard numbers (Townsville 14643 and Cairns 21700). Staff responding to calls to these numbers may either be very busy or relatively unfamiliar with systems in Common Teaching Areas. They will do their best to help you, but your understanding during this difficult time is very much appreciated.

Note: Staff who are using a Video Conference facility and are having issues should ring the displayed contact number in the room.

Staff members can log issues by emailing the ITHelpdesk@jcu.edu.au or ringing 4781 5500 (ext 15500) in Townsville (select Option 1) or 4042 1777 (ext 21777) in Cairns.

Regards, Heather


Heather Gordon|Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (University Services) & Registrar

James Cook University