Enterprise Bargaining


The meeting was held in Townsville and led by Professor Robyn McGuiggan.

In attendance were:

JCU representatives: Mr Les Nicholson and Associate Professor Lee Stewart. Ms Belinda Pope also attended the meeting in an advisory capacity.

NTEU representatives: Mr Michael McNally and Dr Jan Wegner. Dr Sherryl Robertson attended in place of Mr Laurie Reilly.

Apologies were received from ETU representative Mr Wal Giordani and Together representative Mr Ken McKay.

Professor McGuiggan began the meeting by discussing the salary offer from JCU. Currently JCU has provided a 2.6% administrative increase, with an offer to increase this to 3% subject to productivity increases. Professor McGuiggan stated that JCU is continuing to carry out further financial reporting however indications were that it is unlikely an increase to the salary offer would be made. Once again Professor McGuiggan reiterated JCU’s intent to continue to bargain in good faith on other outstanding matters.

Items of note:

  • Academic Workloads

Discussion continued regarding the category of “Laboratory Supervision Academic”. Mr McNally provided draft wording regarding the contact hours. Professor McGuiggan presented feedback received from academic representatives across the university and consideration was given to these comments. It was noted that further feedback on this issue was yet to be received from key stakeholders and would be presented at the next meeting.

  • NTEU’s claim for Domestic Violence

JCU representatives agreed to work on a draft policy for presentation at the next meeting. This will finalise the NTEU’s claim on Domestic Violence.

  • Cultural Leave

A revised draft clause was tabled and discussed with agreement being reached in principle between all parties.

  • Misconduct

This item requires further consideration and a revised draft will be circulated for discussion prior to the next meeting.

  • Fixed Term Appointments

JCU representatives circulated an updated draft Clause for consideration based on discussion with union representatives at previous meetings. Further amendments are required however this clause nears agreement.

  • Individual Work Value Advancement/Blended Positions

Discussion continued on this matter and will be discussed in more detail once further consultation is carried out. This item will be listed for discussion at the next meeting.

  • Definitions on Casual Lecturing

Agreement was reached to include definitions for casual lecturing.

  • Hours of Work/Domestic Marketing Staff

Professor McGuiggan reiterated JCU’s position on hours of work in that JCU is not seeking an increase in span of hours but a move in the hours of operation to 7 am – 7 pm as part of the productivity increase linked to the salary offer.

JCU representatives further submitted that the intent of the current Schedule 9 was to apply to staff in Domestic Marketing, Student Liaison and Casual staff who were employed in the promotion of JCU and its courses to the domestic market and therefore these arrangements should extend to staff who perform these functions in other areas of the University such as Equity and Student Engagement and Student and Academic Services. JCU representatives also seek to broaden the scope to staff in JC International.

Negotiations on this matter will continue.

  • NTEU’s claim for Casual Academic Conversion

Professor McGuiggan reiterated her concern that the number/percentage of casual academic staff sought for conversion by the NTEU, did not take into account the high number of casual clinical and other practicing professional staff employed by the University who are not seeking an academic career. Your JCU representatives will consult with schools on their casual staff and provide a report back to the union representatives for further consideration.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday 9 August 2013 to be held in Townsville.

As always your input is valued and you can forward feedback to Enterprise-Bargaining@jcu.edu.au.