Enterprise Bargaining


The meeting was held in Townsville and led by Mr Les Nicholson due to Professor Robyn McGuiggan’s absence on annual leave.

JCU representatives: Associate Professor Lee Stewart. Ms Belinda Pope was invited to attend the meeting in an advisory capacity.

NTEU representatives: Mr Michael McNally, Dr Jan Wegner. Dr Sherryl Robertson attended in place of Mr Laurie Reilly.

Apologies were received from Together and ETU.

The meeting began with Mr Nicholson’s acknowledgment of the protected industrial action being lodged by the NTEU, and assurance that this would not adversely affect JCU’s willingness to continue to bargain in good faith.

Items of note:

  • Academic Workloads

NTEU representatives will hold further discussions with members who have clinical supervision responsibilities. JCU proposes to introduce a category of “Clinical Supervisors” to capture the special conditions associated with that work. Contact hours would not be applicable and staff under this category would be allocated fair and management workloads.

  • P&T - Hours of Work

Mr Michael McNally advised that NTEU union members had rejected JCU’s proposal to move the span of hours to 7.00 am to 7.00 pm – Monday to Friday.

  • Fixed Term Appointments

Discussion on this matter continues.

Your representatives spent the remainder of time reviewing the draft JCU Enterprise Agreement 2013.

The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday 26 June 2013 to be held in Townsville.

As always your input is valued and you can forward feedback to Enterprise-Bargaining@jcu.edu.au.