Enterprise Bargaining


The meeting was held in Townsville and led by Professor Robyn McGuiggan.

In attendance were:

JCU representatives: Mr Les Nicholson and Associate Professor Lee Stewart.

NTEU representatives: Mr Michael McNally, Dr Jan Wegner and Mr Laurie Reilly.

Together representative: Mr Ken McKay.

Apologies were received from ETU representative Mr Wal Giordani.

Professor McGuiggan began the meeting by advising the joint unions that a report on the triennium budget would be presented to VCAC on 14 August 2013 which would determine JCU’s position in regard to the salary offer. We would therefore be able to present our position on the salary increase offer sometime in the week beginning 19 August 2013.

It was agreed that the consistency of language throughout the draft agreement required review and minor editing revisions were noted and agreed.

Items of note:

  • NTEU’s claim for Domestic Violence

JCU representatives presented a draft policy for review which was agreed in principle. This finalises the NTEU’s claim on Domestic Violence.

  • Misconduct

This item was further discussed and nears agreement.

  • Fixed Term Appointments

The NTEU has committed to provide further drafting advice regarding the early termination of fixed term appointments due to external funding being withdrawn.

  • NTEU’s claim for Individual Work Value Advancement

Agreement was reached on the NTEU’s claim for Individual Work Value Advancement. Professional and Technical Staff who perform academic work will be able to apply for a loading based on the level and content of academic work required.

  • NTEU’s claim for Casual Academic Conversion

Your JCU representatives tabled a clause that would allow eligible academic casual staff to apply for conversion to fixed term or continuing appointments. The NTEU are agreeable however want an additional clause that would see a reduction in the casual employment numbers and a reporting requirement through the JCC. Your JCU representatives will provide a draft clause for review at the next meeting.

  • Academic Workloads

The workload category of “Clinician/Studio/Laboratory Supervision Academic” was agreed between parties.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 29 August 2013 to be held in Townsville.

As always your input is valued and you can forward feedback to Enterprise-Bargaining@jcu.edu.au.