Enterprise Bargaining

PROGRESS TO DATE: MEETING: (21 & 22 March 2013)

Negotiations between the JCU representatives and the joint unions continue to progress with substantial progress made to date with a further 2 day meeting in Cairns.

Dr Stephen Weller provided an update on his replacement as bargaining representative due to his impending departure to the position of Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the Australian Catholic University. Professor Robyn McGuiggan will now lead the management team with 2 meetings to be scheduled in April for a 2 day period.

The meeting focussed on finalising draft clauses and clarifying status of outstanding matters. Items of note:

Hours of Work/Overtime

Discussion continued on JCU’s claim to increase the span of hours of work and arrangements for when overtime can be claimed by staff. After lengthy debate your joint union representatives agreed to consult with members to consider an option to extend the span of hours of work and in consideration JCU pay a loading (15%) for all ordinary time worked on that day. This item will be revisited at the next meeting.

Managing Ill Health

Your NTEU representatives indicated a compromised agreement to shorten the notice period for medical examination from 2 months to 1 month, and in return requested to extend the right for review of termination from staff member from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Your JCU representatives will consider this matter and will return to this item at the next meeting.

Casual Employment

For ease of reference, your JCU representatives suggested casual conditions for employment and conversion of P&T and Academic staff, currently spread throughout separate clauses and schedules, be incorporated into one section within the “new look” agreement. This idea was accepted by joint union representatives and a final draft clause will be presented at next meeting. Your JCU representatives will present the NTEU claim for conversion of casual workforce to continuing positions to JCU executive.

NTEU Claims: Staff Mobility (Professional and Technical)

Discussion continued around the NTEU claims on Staff Mobility. JCU is supportive of providing staff with improved career pathways and is considering the NTEU draft clause which proposes internal applicants be considered and assessed for vacancies at Levels HEW 2-5, prior to external advertisement.

Remember this is your Enterprise Agreement and your input is valued. You can forward your feedback to Enterprise-Bargaining@jcu.edu.au.

The next meeting will be conducted in April at a date to be advised.