Enterprise Bargaining

PROGRESS TO DATE: MEETING: (26 & 27 November 2012)

Progress on bargaining is continuing steadily with representatives from JCU and combined Unions holding a two day meeting in Cairns on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 November 2012.

Items presented for discussion by your JCU representatives were:

Academic Workload

Draft clauses on Academic Workload Allocation were tabled by both JCU and NTEU representatives for review. This matter was extensively discussed and further consideration will be given to each party’s submissions and brought forward to the next meeting.

The proposed JCU Workload Allocation Clause aims to provide more flexibility in percentage of time that can be allocated to Teaching, Research and Engagement activities.

Classification Descriptors and Classification Assessment Framework

Your JCU representatives presented an updated Classification Assessment Framework which will support the revised Classification Descriptors, which were presented at an earlier meeting. The documents were discussed in detail and feedback incorporated into the documents. The draft Clause and support Assessment Framework will be presented for final consideration at the next meeting.


Your JCU representatives propose to make changes to JCU’s Misconduct clause which removes the requirement for Review Committees however allows the affected employee to seek a review by the Vice Chancellor. These changes aim to ensure that misconduct issues are dealt with in a timely manner without placing pressure on staff and managers to make decisions which could affect their peers’ employment.


Despite majority feedback from JCU staff through the Annual Leave poll, the NTEU continues to oppose the inclusion of cashing out provisions for Annual Leave and are also opposed to reducing the maximum accrual of Annual Leave balance from 62.5 days to 50 days despite their view on ensuring staff are able to take leave.

Abandonment of Employment

Your JCU representatives tabled a draft clause that will amend the current Abandonment of Employment provisions. The draft clause seeks to shorten the initial period and give a longer period for staff to respond. This matter was debated at length and the joint Union representatives have committed to seek further advice and to provide their position on this matter in a future meeting.

Early Career Development Fellowship (ECDF)

The meeting also discussed the NTEU’s proposal on ECDF. Your representatives considered the complexity around eligibility for appointment and requirement for a mandatory appointment within each faculty. Your representatives agreed to explore the option to reduce the requirements for eligibility and remove the mandatory requirement for each faculty to appoint during the life of the agreement.

The NTEU brought details of the following claims to the negotiation table:

  • Academic Workforce/Workload

  • Organisational Change

  • Job Security

  • Redeployment

  • Domestic Violence

  • Dispute Settlement Procedures

Your JCU representatives will consider the detail of each of these items before responding.

Remember this is your Enterprise Agreement and your input is valued. You can forward your feedback to Enterprise-Bargaining@jcu.edu.au.

The next meeting is scheduled for 10 December 2012.