Enterprise Bargaining

PROGRESS TO DATE: MEETING: (21 & 22 February 2013)

Steady progress continues with all parties working together collaboratively, with the second bargaining meeting for 2013 held in Townsville on 21 and 22 February 2013 with representatives from JCU and combined Unions.

Mr Wal Giordani, Organiser, Electrical Trades Union attended his first meeting and addressed the ETU log of claims.

Items for discussion included:

Consultation and Change Management

Your JCU representatives tabled a draft clause which sets out guiding principles and seeks to more clearly articulate the consultation and change processes which will minimise staff uncertainty and ensure that processes are completed in a collaborative and timely manner. The proposed clause was agreed in principle.


Your JCU representatives tabled a draft clause that provides a greater emphasis and support for staff to be redeployed into the University, before redundancy provisions are enacted.

Redundancy Severance Pay entitlements have been maintained under current agreement provisions, which are significantly higher than the minimum requirements under the National Employment Standards.

The proposed clause was agreed in principle.


All parties reached in principle agreement to remove the requirement for Review committees from the Misconduct process. It was acknowledged that this change will ensure that misconduct issues are dealt with in a timely manner and reduce the pressure on staff and managers to make decisions which could affect their peer’s employment.

Parental Leave

Your JCU representatives have updated the Parental Leave provisions in the Enterprise Agreement to reflect the National Employment Standards. Of note:

  • Addition of Special Leave (Note: NES is 6 weeks unpaid/ JCU is offering 6 weeks paid leave).

  • Keeping in Touch Days (10 days paid and does not break the continuous service).

  • Concurrent Partner leave: (NES: 3 weeks unpaid: JCU offering 1 week paid / 2 weeks unpaid).

Termination on Ill Health

JCU is seeking to reduce the notice period for the direction of a staff member to attend a medical examination from 2 months to 1 month, where the staff members’ capacity to perform the duties of their position is a concern. Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Staff Mobility

Discussion continued regarding the NTEU log on Staff Mobility. Your JCU representatives are in favour of increasing opportunities for internal staff mobility and have committed to investigate options for discussion at the next meeting.

Academic Workload

Consultation is continuing within JCU regarding the academic workload allocation model. This clause should be available for review in the next couple of weeks.

Remember this is your Enterprise Agreement and your input is valued. You can forward your feedback to Enterprise-Bargaining@jcu.edu.au.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in Cairns on 6, 7 and 8 March 2013.