Enterprise Bargaining

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware JCU and the Unions have been negotiating the replacement enterprise agreement since September 2012.

As outlined in my previous emails, significant progress has been made and the parties have agreed in principle to a range of initiatives and improvements to the Agreement. This has included:

  • Payment of an indigenous language allowance;

  • Domestic violence clause and supporting policy

  • Internal advertisement of HEWL 2-5 positions

  • Casual conversion process for academic staff

  • Professional loading for professional and technical staff who undertake academic duties

  • Allowances for voluntary Health and Safety reps

  • The ability to take annual leave at half pay

  • Additional cultural paid leave of up to 5 days for participation in obligatory cultural events;

  • Additional paid leave of up to 5 days paid for participation in state, national or international sporting events or competitions;

JCU has also maintained benefits, terms and conditions including generous:

  • Redundancy payments;

  • Parental leave provisions;

  • Annual leave provisions;

  • SSP provisions; and

  • Superannuation.

We are close to finalising the agreement. There are only a few matters that remain in issue, including pay.

In order to expedite the finalisation of the enterprise agreement we have written to the Unions to request that they attend an administrative meeting to discuss the wording of clauses not yet agreed to in principle and to narrow the clauses that are in dispute. This meeting will take place on Thursday 29 August 2013.

If the parties are able to finalise the remaining clauses, the parties can at our next bargaining meeting consider whether there are other trade-offs, flexibilities or options, to allow JCU and the Unions to come to an agreement on matters regarding pay and productivity.

A copy of the letter can be access on the JCU EA website.

JCU is committed and focused on finalising the proposed enterprise agreement as soon as possible, and to putting the agreement to a vote of all employees.


Heather Gordon


Heather Gordon|Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (University Services) & Registrar