Enterprise Bargaining

MEETING THREE (17 September 2012)

The third meeting was held on Monday 17 September 2012 video-conferenced between Townsville, Cairns and the NTEU representative in Brisbane. The meeting was attended by the JCU bargaining representatives and the NTEU and Together representatives.

Formal advice was received from the Branch Secretary of United Voice Industrial Union, authorising Together Queensland Industrial Union to represent and negotiate on their behalf during enterprise agreement negotiations. A joint Log of Claims was received from Together and United Voice on the evening of 16 September 2012. A copy of this log of claims can be viewed at Enterprise Bargaining – Log of Claims.

Items for discussion at this meeting included Classification Descriptors and Blended Positions along with a briefing from Together representative Mr Des Holloway on the Together/United Voice Log of Claims.

Classification Descriptors

Your JCU bargaining representatives are working to develop an Assessment Framework that supports the current Classification Descriptors for Professional and Technical Staff and improves the transparency of the Job Classification process.

Blended Positions

The issue of blended positions was raised by Technical staff who feel there has been a blurring of responsibilities between technical and teaching work. Your JCU bargaining representatives are investigating the option of creating a “Blended Position” that will recognise the teaching duties being performed by Technical Staff. This item will be discussed in more detail at future meetings.