Enterprise Bargaining

MEETING TWO (10 September 2012)

The second meeting was held on Monday 10 September 2012 in Cairns. The meeting was attended by JCU and the NTEU bargaining representatives. Apologies were received from Together and United Voice.

The main topics of discussion included the NTEU claims on Indigenous Employment and Academic Workforce Issues.

Dr Felicia Watkin joined the discussion on Indigenous Employment. There was in principle agreement that the Agreement will contain a clause that sets targets and maintains the aspirational target of parity with the Indigenous population of the region.

Agreement was reached on the bargaining protocols to establish the conduct of the parties during negotiations and the timeline for future meetings was confirmed.

We will keep you advised of the outcomes of further meetings. In the meantime, your feedback on the negotiation process is welcomed at the Enterprise Agreement Process website: JCU Enterprise Agreement - Feedback