Indigenous Peer Assisted Learning (IPAL)

Indigenous Education & Research Centre (IERC) offers the Indigenous Peer Assisted Learning (IPAL) tutoring program to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at JCU whether studying on campus or externally.

The program aims to support students throughout their studies by encouraging independent learning, providing assessment and content support, and reducing stress through good planning and organization

Funded by the Australian Federal Government’s National Indigenous Australians Agency, the program enables students to receive individual tutoring free of charge.

Indigenous Academic Support Advisors develop a Student Learning Plan and work with the Tutors to assist students to build resilience and academic capacity. Individual tutoring has been proven to improve academic outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in all disciplines and across all year levels.

The Indigenous Academic Support Advisors maintain regular contact with both the tutors and students, monitoring progress, reviewing feedback and adjusting support as required.


Tutoring is available to all students who identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, and are currently enrolled in a course at JCU.

How it works

Indigenous Academic Support Advisors will contact students to determine their tutoring needs.

Students are matched with a tutor who has the skills and knowledge in the discipline area in which tutoring is required.

Tutoring can take place face to face or via zoom throughout the semester and during the exam preparation period.

Students and Tutors choose session times that fit with their schedules however regular weekly sessions are recommended.

Hear how tutoring has helped our students...

Jermaine & Sarah tutoring

"Since working with a tutor I have the self-awareness, capacity and confidence to complete assignments on my own.

I have seen improvements with my grades and even achieved my first High Distinction through the use of tutoring.

Because of this, I will continue to utilise the service of my tutor as long as possible."

Jermaine Chong

Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Studies); Current Student

Ebony Pearson

"I also had a student tutor provided by the IERC which was very beneficial to getting use to the set up of how to study for the university course load and examination structure.

It was also a good way to connect with a student in a higher year level of my degree who could give insight and advise on any questions I had and had a more relatable perspective than if I was to go ask a lecturer."

Ebony Pearson

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery; Current Student

Lesley MacManus

"My tutor sessions not only provided me with great help and ideas on my assessments, but they also encouraged me to keep on going.

I feel so grateful and privileged to receive this kind of support."

Lesley MacManus

Bachelor of Social Work; Graduate