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Exam Period

Exam Period

Event Name Exam Period
Start Date 7 Nov 2020
End Date 20 Nov 2020
Duration 14 days

Don't panic! Exam period doesn't have to be a stream of energy drinks and last-minute cramming or a day of freaking out before and after your exam. Exam period is a marathon, not a sprint. Take the time to study consistently, to take new notes and review your old notes, and to take good care of yourself.

Your lecturers are on your side - they've worked to prepare you as best as possible. Think about the topics they've highlighted throughout the semester and the resources they've provided you with. Get in touch with your academics and your peers to get advice when you need it.

To boost your confidence, check out the Learning Centre's top tips for crushing your exams.

Get lots of sleep, drink plenty of water, and remember that you can do this.