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Student Academic Mailing Lists

The ability to send email to students enrolled in a particular subject or course is provided in one of these ways:

  1. Subject Email Aliases

  2. Classlists

  3. LearnJCU

Subject Email Aliases

Subject aliases are implemented as Private Lists.

The Private List restrictions are:

  1. The lists are not discussion lists and thus not generally available

  2. The lists are not searchable in the Outlook Global Address List (GAL)

  3. The lists can only be posted to by those designated via StaffOnline Teaching Roles Database as

    • Coordinator/s

    • Lecturer/s

    • Tutor/s

To check access, login to StaffOnline and select Teaching Roles Database

As an example the subject descriptor cs2001 can be qualified by campus, mode and semester:

  • is for all students, regardless of semester, campus, and study mode.

  • is for Cairns semester 1, regardless of study mode.

  • is for Townsville semester 2, regardless of study mode.

  • is for Singapore semester 1, regardless of study mode.

  • is for Townsville, external mode, semester 2.

Note that is still using the old CSDB terminology to describe subject campuses and semesters, Teaching Roles Database has been updated to use Student Management terminology; users will need to make the conversion manually.

Associated staff via supported email clients, e.g. Staff Web Mail, Outlook or Entourage, can only use these lists.


You can send a one-off email to any list of students matching a specific criteria via "Class Lists" in StaffOnline.

Instructions for accessing and using Classlists features are available inside the application.

Note that these email aliases are created temporarily and can be used only for one-time bulk emails.


A coordinator, lecturer or tutor can send email to LearnJCU subject groups via LearnJCU.

For further information on using this and other features, for example discussion boards, of LearnJCU please visit the LearnJCU website.

Please Note
To enable recipients to tell which subject the message relates to, please include the relevant Subject Code (e.g. 2003_BU1000_TSV_I_S1) in your Email Title.

For teaching staff
Guides for teaching staff can be found in LearnJCU. Lecturers should log into LearnJCU then select the LearnJCU tool box (under "Online Guides and Tutorials") then select the LearnJCU Fast Guides link.

Please contact the IT Help Desk should you require assistance or more information.