University Email Lists

JCU Email Contacts (Heads and Office Contacts)

JCU Email Contacts (Heads and Office Contacts) aliases target Head and Office contacts for Major University Units who will resend information to the right people within their units as needed.

Organisational Unit Mailing Lists

Organisational Unit Mailing Lists aliases target all staff within the Major University Units. They target all members of a Faculty/Division, School/Office or Discipline/Unit. They are based on information from the Human Resources System.

JCU Email aliases for Campus Staff and Students

These aliases target all staff and students by campus. They are only for the purpose of university activities and based on data from the Human Resources Management Information System and the Student Management System as the definitive sources of staff and student information. Key University Staff Members can email to these lists without moderation. All other postings to these lists are moderated and use of these lists is further restricted to JCU Staff Only, other postings being automatically rejected.

Note: Staff emailing to the lists below are required to email via the Bcc: (Blind carbon copy) field. Failing to do so will result in a rejection of a request to resend. This is put in place to minimise accidental replies to all staff and abuse of these lists by Spammers.



To email specific groups of students, JCU staff can request access to the Class List email function available via authenticated access from StaffOnline. This has many selection options to refine your target list. Contact Student Services to request access.

Student Academic Mailing Lists

The Student Academic Mailing Lists target the students participating in a subject or course. They are based on information from the Student Management System.

Organisational Role Mailing Lists

The Organisational Role Mailing Lists target staff who undertake roles within the university. For example: Course Coordinators, Finance Officers, Work Place Health and Safety Officers or IT Support Officers. They are based on information from the Organisational Roles System accessible via StaffOnline.