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MFD Device User Guide

JCU provides two types of Xerox CopyPrint Devices on campus to enable students and staff to access black and white or colour printing, scanning and photocopying functionality.

The two types of CopyPrint devices on campus are:

  1. Multifunction Devices (MFDs) are large machines, installed in high use printing areas with colour Print, Scan and Photocopying functionality.
  2. Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are small black and white printers, installed in GATCF labs and low use areas.


Not all JCU MFD's and MFP's are alike, the position of buttons and available features may vary between devices.

Printing requires an active JCU account to log-on to a JCU printer and sufficient funds must be available in your account to cover printing costs.

There are two ways to log-in to an MFD or MFP.

  1. Swipe your JCU staff or student card through the card reader, or

    Swipe card
  2. Press LOG-IN/OUT on the MFD and enter your JCU LoginID (eg jc123456), tap Next, enter your JCU password and tap Next. Once logged in, the Services Home screen is displayed.
    Enter your Jcu Login Details
    Xerox Keypad Log In

    Press Services Home to return to the Home screen at any time.

    Xerox Services Home Button
  1. Print the document from your computer or mobile device and send to either Student-Black-Multi or Student-Colour-Multi print queue.
  2. Log-in to MFD or MFP and select View Print Jobs from Home screen.
    View Print Jobs
  3. Select the document to print (blue indicates selected).
    Selected Jobs
  4. Select Print
    Press print to Print selected Jobs

Note: To delete a job, select the required document from document list then tap Delete.

  1. Log-in to MFD then select Copy.
    Xerox Copy Button
  2. Press the green Start button to begin copying.

    Xerox Start button
  1. Log-in to MFD and select Email from the Home screen
  2. Xerox Copy Button

  3. To send to yourself, select Add Me, then select TO then select  Save
  4. Use New Recipient or Add Me

  5. To add another email, select New Recipient and use the on-screen keyboard to type the email address. You can change the scan type from PDF to JPEG in the bottom right-hand corner.
  6. Press START to scan and send email.
  7. Xerox Start button

  8. Log out of the printer when all tasks are completed, to prevent anyone else using your printing credit.