Email FAQs for Student Office 365 Email Accounts

ICT Services Help and Support Email and O365 Email FAQs for Student Office 365 Email Accounts

Students and Staff can access their email by logging in on any computer (PC or Mac) located in the GATCF computer labs and Libraries on the Townsville, Cairns, Mackay campuses and on Thursday Island.

How do I get into my email?

If you are in a GATCF computer lab: Once you have successfully logged in on the computer start up one of the available Web Browsers (Internet Explorer Chrome or Firefox on PCs and Firefox or Safari on Macs).

Click on the link at the top of the JCU Homepage that is titled “Students” and select “Student Email” from the drop-down menu

  1. Enter your JCU email address ( into the “Windows Live ID Field” and your current password into the “Password Field”. NB do not select the “Keep me signed in” options if you are using a shared computer.

  2. Click on the “Sign in” Button

If you are using your own personal computer: Enter the address “” into a Web Browser address/location field and then follow steps 2 & 3 above. NB you must be connected to the Internet to use a web based email application; this can be either a physical connection via “blue cable” points located in DA2 Annex, JCU Wireless Service (eduroam) or an ISP service if you are connecting from a site outside of JCU campuses (Townsville & Cairns)

How do I view email attachments?

In Microsoft Outlook Web App you will see a paperclip icon next to the message in the mail window Inbox. When you select the message to open it in a read window the Attachment shows as a file at the top of the message window. You can double-click on the attachment to open it. As long as you have the application on the computer that you are using the attachment will open up in that application e.g. if the attachment is a Word document (.doc or .docx extension name on the filename) the Microsoft Word application will open and display the attached document if you are using a GATCF computer.

How do I forward my Student email to another email account?

You can use Forwarding to automatically forward all email sent to your Student Email account to another email address. For information on how to setup this rule see: Forward email to another email account.

How can I check my email quota?

Your Student Office 365 account provides you with a 10GB mailbox.

Navigate to Settings > Options > Account > My Account to see your current mailbox usage. Note that this includes all of your mail, calendar(s), tasks and contacts.

How do I change my Password?

Do not use the Password change option within your Outlook Web App as this will not synchronise with your other JCU access authenticated services e.g. LearnJCU, eStudent, Students Online etc.

Instructions and additional information on changing your password can be found on the JCU Change Password Guide. Your new password will be synchronised across all JCU Online Services including your Student Email Account. Please allow 1-2 hours for this synchronisation process to complete.

How can I setup a Vacation or Out of Office message?

In your Outlook Web App click on the Settings icon (cog wheel) located in the top right hand corner of the Mail Window. And select “Set automatic replies”. You can enter in the dates that you will be away and the message that you wish to send as an automatic response to a sender during this period.

Note: Remember to SAVE your settings after you have created your “Out of Office/Vacation” message.

What can I do about unsolicited mail (spam, Junk email)?

Microsoft provides a full virus and spam checking function on email delivered to your Student Office 365 account. You can also setup you own “Block or Allow” rules. To set up these rules click on the Settings icon (cog wheel) located in the top right hand corner of the Mail Window. Select the “Block or Allow” setting option on the left-hand side.

How can I contact other students particularly those undertaking the same subject or JCU staff members?

To email a fellow student or staff member from your Student Office 365 account you will need to know their email address, or if you have an email from a fellow student/staff member you can drag this email to the “Contact” button and add to your contacts list. You can search on your Contact list when creating an email message.

Students, when you login to LearnJCU you can use the “Send Email” facility in the “Communications” area on your LearnJCU window; this will allow you to email to subject Class Aliases.

You can also access contact information from JCU’s Online Contact Information web site.

Please read Guidelines for Communicating with the University Community.

How can I get “Email for Life”

Student who have graduated from JCU and become “Alumni” of the University will retain access to their student email address. These accounts are deemed to be “Accounts for Life”. However, if you Withdraw from studies at JCU or go Absent Without Leave then you student email license will be revoked and you will lose access to your JCU student email account immediately.