Logging in to GATCF Labs

To access a General Access Teaching Computer Facility (GATCF) machine you need to login with your JCU account code (also known as login ID or username) and password. These are provided to you on enrolment. If you are a new staff member or postgraduate student it will be mailed to your departmental address.

  • Your login name usually takes the form of fac-abc or jc123456. This account code is a unique identifier for you.
  • Your password will be a mixture of letters and numbers that look like this x6TfUb8v.

If you don't know your login and password details then please contact the IT Help Desk who will be able to assist you further.

Normally, the GATCF computers will always be on. There may be times when you have to switch a computer on or off. The power switches for the DELL PC's are on the front of the machines, and the iMac's power switch is located on the left side and around the back.

Logging in to a Dell Computer (PC)

To begin, click OK to acknowledge the Stay Save Online prompt, the login screen will appear next.

Username: type in your account code here and tab to the next field

Password: type your password here; the password will be represented by asterisks

Login Window Screenshot

Click on the White Arrow or press the enter key.

General programs will be found under the Start icon.
Start menu icon

Clicking the Start icon will launch the Start Menu which will look something like this. The most commonly accessed software or apps will be found right here.

Start Menu Screenshot

User specific software is accessed through the “Software portal” icon on the desktop.

Logging in to an iMac (Apple) Computer

To login to an iMac just move the mouse to bring up the login box. If this does not work the machine may have been shutdown. In this scenario press the power key, this is the button on the right side of the monitor. Click the mouse button to bring up the login box:

  • Name: type your account code here and tab to next field;
  • Password: type your password here, which will be represented by little circles. Click on the Log in button.

MacOS Login Screenshot

From here you will be at the Mac desktop where you can select what application you wish to use from the zooming toolbar along the bottom of the screen.

Problems Logging in?

If you are experiencing difficulties with logging in then:

  • Make sure that you do not have the "Caps Lock" key enabled on your keyboard as passwords are case sensitive.

  • Try a different computer if that doesn't work then;

  • Call the IT Help Desk on ext. 15500 (option 1), you will be required to provide your account code and details of what appeared on the screen.

Logging Out...

To log out of a PC you must first:

  • Close all the applications you have running.

  • Then click on the Start icon or press the Windows key on the keyboard, this will take you to the Start Menu. From the Start Menu and click on the icon next to your name and select Sign out from the drop down menu.

Win 10 Logout Screenshot

When you have successfully logged out the screen will display a dialogue box prompting for the next user to login.

To Log out of an iMac

Either click on the Logout icon on the desktop or go to the Apple drop-down menu and choose Log Out. This will log you out and close down all your open applications.

MacOS Logout Screenshot

Quick Guide to Changing your password

For more information and guidelines on changing your password please refer to the Changing your Password Guide.