Laptop Setup – Mac OS X

Connecting your Macintosh laptop to the network via Ethernet cable is available anywhere on campus where there is a working network point. The following guide will take you through the steps involved in setting up your laptop to use the JCU network, and co-exist with home networks if necessary.

Should you experience any problems while following the guide, check the Support web page for further assistance.

Locating and configuring your network settings

1. Open up Mac OSX system settings. You can find this by clicking of the Apple symbol on the menu bar and locate and click 'System Preferences...'

System Preference - Mac

2. Once you have done that, you should be at a screen that shows your system settings. All the network configuration settings are under the Network option along the top tabbed window.

System Preferences - Mac

3. By default, you are presented with a status screen showing your available networking devices. Firstly, look for a device called Built-in Ethernet. This means your Apple laptop has a network card that is compatible with the JCU network.

Network Settings - Mac

4. If you click on the Show drop-down box, you can then select Built-in Ethernet so that you can view the settings already in place and modify them to work with JCU if you need to.

Ethernet Settings - Mac

5. This is the Built-in Ethernet configuration screen. For your laptop to work on the JCU network, you need to check the IP address field. You will probably already have a value in this field. This value is your unique address on the internet. For your laptop to work you need an IP address that starts with either or 10.xx.xx.xx

DHCP Settings - Mac

6. To ensure that you get a correct address, you setup the laptop so that it asks JCU to provide you with a legal address. This process is called DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).
To make sure you have DHCP enabled, click the Configure IPv4 drop-down menu and make sure the option Using DHCP is ticked.

Confirm DHCP - Mac

7. You should now be able to accept the changes made, if any, and connect to the JCU network.