Adobe Creative Cloud at JCU

Beginning October 30th, 2018 Adobe products at JCU will begin transitioning from Site Licenses to Named Licenses, this means that your Adobe software at JCU will now be linked to your corporate account as the licensing method.

Who can use an JCU Adobe named license?

  • Active JCU Staff members
  • Device-based licensing is deployed in the computer labs for student use

How do I install and Sign In to Adobe Creative Cloud?

  1. If not already installed go to the Software Center (Win) or the Parallels Application Portal (located under the Applications folder on a Mac) and install the Creative Cloud Desktop Application.
  2. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud application from the Start Menu (Win) or the Applications folder (Mac).
  3. When asked to Sign In enter your JCU email address. You will be redirected to the JCU authorisation page.
  4. Log In with your JCU ID and JCU password.
  5. You now have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs. Select Install for any applications you need to use.

How many devices can I use with the Adobe named license?

  • You can have up to two computers activated with your named license at any one time.
  • If you try and activate a third you will get a Limit Reached notification, and be given the option to either:
    • Automatically Sign me out of the other computers so you can sign in here.
    • Manually Sign out of one computer so you can sign in.

Why am I being asked to Sign In when I launch an Adobe Application?

  • Adobe periodically checks to confirm you still have a valid license.
  • If this is the first time you have ran Adobe Software since we moved to named licensing you have to Sign In to activate your named license.

What happens when/if I am no longer a staff member?

  • You will no longer have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite using your corporate account. Any files that you have saved in the Creative Cloud will be deleted. This is managed by Adobe and ICT have no access to retrieve or recover these files.  
    Ensure you have backed up any files stored in Adobe Creative Cloud to an alternate location prior to your departure.

Can I share content using Adobe Cloud?

  • You are able to collaborate and share content both inside JCU and with an external user identified by email. Anonymous public sharing has been disabled.

How Do I use Digital Signatures in Adobe DC?

For a quick overview of creating and inserting Digital Signatures in Adobe documents please refer to: