MatLab Software

Temporary access to MATLAB for Students during COVID-19 event

Mathworks currently have a special limited-time license agreement to allow staff and students to access SPSS Statistics on their personal devices, so that you can continue your studies during the COVID-19 pandemic. To access this offer, please access through the following link Account creation and installation details are available in the ServiceNow Knowledgebase.

Class Packs

IT have licensed the "ClassPack" version of this software, for use in the General Access & Teaching Labs GATCF Labs. The School of Engineering also has licenses for their specific use in both the GATCF labs and School owned labs.

If you are interested in using this software product for teaching purposes in the GATCF labs please contact the IT Helpdesk and your request will be referred to the GATCF support team.

For academic research use of MATLAB on JCU Workstations and PCs, which are connected to the JCU network, you should read the installation and licensing information.

License Restrictions

This “Class Pack” software license does not cover installation on personally owned computers or computers outside the GATCF labs located in Townsville and Cairns campuses.

This software offer is not available to student labs located on the Singapore campus.

Contacting the IT Helpdesk

You can contact the IT Helpdesk via your ServiceNow Web Self Service Portal.

You can contact the IT Helpdesk via email to Email requests will be serviced Mon-Fri from 8am to 6pm when the University is open.