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Teleconferencing and Conference Calls

JCU offers several options for teleconferencing and conference calls, from small groups to assisted teleconferences we have a solution.  The most commonly used services are Avaya Handsets, Skype for Business and booking teleconferences through Chorus Call.

Avaya Handset

Avaya desk phones (model   - model   ) one of which is located in each JCU staff and postgraduate office, are suitable for small group conferences (voice only) and can connect up to 6 participants at a time.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business integrates messaging, voice or video conferencing, web conferencing and email calendar bookings.  This Quick Guide will explain how to use Skype for Business at JCU.

Chorus Call

Chorus Call is another option for teleconferencing at JCU.  Using Chorus Call, staff are able to make teleconference bookings online via Service Now and choose from assisted or unassisted services.

  • Unassisted Teleconferencing gives you 24/7 access to the conference bridge. Simply distribute the dial-in number and guest passcode to your participants. Once you have your passcodes you will be able to use the Unassisted Conference Outlook Plugin so you will be able to create an Outlook meeting request that is pre-populated with the details necessary for participants to join the conference.
  • Assisted Teleconferencing is where an operator will contact you and your meeting participants. There is no need for dial-in numbers or passcodes. All meeting participants will be connected by the operator.

To obtain a set of passcodes or book an operator-assisted teleconference please complete the following form.