New IP Form

Staff users

This form should be used to request a new fixed host in DNS.

It will go to the Network section at ITR via ServiceNow. Only use this form if you really cannot use DHCP.

We would much prefer you to use DHCP.

Note: Your login-id (jc123456) does not include the It also does not spell out your name in full.

Make sure you put in your email address otherwise you will not get notified when your requested IP number is ready.

Check that the hostname that would like is not already used:

At a DOS prompt type  C:\nslookup

At a UNIX prompt type $>host

Administrative details

Your Details

Your login-id (required)Eg: jc123456
Your Name 
Contact Phone Number 
Your E-mail (Required) 

Required name in DNS

Desired host name:        EG:

Host name MUST be alphanumeric only with no spaces. You can add a hyphen as above.

We recommend putting the 4 digit phone extension of the contact person in the host name as above.
You may request an alias as well if required.  For example:

HOSTNAME (required)Alias (if desired)

Additional Information

The User's Name 
Contact Phone Number 
Device (Printer, PC, etc) 
Device Brand Eg: HP, Dell, etc.
Device Model Eg: Laser4, 1850, etc.
Serial Number 
Asset Number 
Ethernet/MAC addr Eg: 01:22:3a:04:ab:af (any delimiters OK.)
Location - Building Eg: HumII or DA001, etc.
Subnet required Eg: 137.219.15.x 137.219.34.x etc.
Location - Room 

Additional Info (Reason why DHCP is not working for this device.)
"Microscope controller" "Faculty Office printer", etc