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Become an Agent

James Cook University (JCU) may approach Education Agents to become a representative of the University, or agents can apply to become an official representative by contacting the International Development team.

Email your expression of interest, along with the following documents, to JCU:

  1. Business profile
  2. Marketing plan
  3. Business registration information
  4. Education agent/other qualifications
  5. Any other relevant information

Once you send your expression of interest to JCU, the team will contact you to confirm your eligibility to apply to become an official agent. The application process will require you to complete a form, submit any relevant information and to nominate referees who have agreed to provide a reference based on your services to them as an education agent.

Under government legislation JCU must take all reasonable measures to partner with Education Agents who have a sound knowledge and understanding of the Australian international education industry and who are honest and maintain integrity when conducting their services.

Partnering for success

What we look for

Your ability to promote JCU ethically and professionally is important, and the skills to market international education and promote university courses to students is essential. JCU partner with agents with:

  • An established reputation as reliable, professional, ethical and student-focused.
  • Qualified counsellors who have a sound knowledge of the Australian education system and its national legislation.
  • A proactive and honest approach, who are intent on their own success as an education advisor to aspiring students, and the success of JCU.

What we offer

  • Support to enhance your skills and knowledge of JCU and National Code.
  • Professional Development to counsellors who are nominated by JCU staff for their exceptional performance.
  • Partnership with a top research university with a unique focus and objective to enable graduates to make a difference.