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Enrolment help

You are required to manage your enrolment and personal information details through eStudent. You will need to update and/or confirm all of your personal information on eStudent before you can make changes to your enrolment (including enrolling in and withdrawing from subjects).

Where can I get further enrolment information?

Enrolment provides you with information about managing your enrolment at JCU.

How can I make changes to my enrolment

You can make changes to your subjects through eStudent

Make sure that you check the Current Enrolment tab in eStudent after making any changes to your enrolment to ensure that you have withdrawn/added subjects correctly. You can find this under the Enrol Online menu and then select Current Enrolment. Only subjects that you wish to be enrolled in should appear on your Current Enrolment page.

Where can I go if I need assistance with my enrolment?

If you need assistance with eStudent (updating personal details or managing your enrolment), please read the eStudent Online Help Guide. Should you require further assistance, please contact the Student Centre

If you have misplaced your computer account information or forget your username or password, contact InfoHelp for assistance.

How can I change my course

If you are currently enrolled in a course at JCU and wish to change your course of study, you will be required to submit a Course Transfer form which is available online or from the Student Centre.