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Your first 48 hours

Airport Arrival Service

If you have booked the Student Centre’s Airport Arrival Service, you will be met at the airport, bus or train station by James Cook University’s Arrival Service operators who will take you to your pre-arranged accommodation. You will be given a brochure outlining some key information to assist you in your settlement.

It is important that you visit the Student Centre soon after your arrival to receive information about the International Student Orientation and any other information you require.

If you are in on-campus accommodation in Townsville

Familiarise yourself with your room and college/hall of residence and talk to your Residential Assistant (RA) who will be able to provide you with information about your college/hall (including meal times and venues, computer access, etc).

Contact your family to notify them of your safe arrival and your contact details (public phones are available close to colleges/halls – ask your RA for details). You can also use the computers at the Student Centre on your arrival to send emails to your family and friends back home.

If you are in off-campus temporary accommodation

Talk to your temporary accommodation provider and familiarise yourself with the area; ask about bus stops, shopping centres and food outlets.

Discuss with your accommodation provider your accommodation arrangements, e.g. if you require more or less days than you originally booked.

Contact your family to notify them of your safe arrival and your contact details (ask your accommodation provider about public phones / how to make an international call).

Obtaining your JCU computer account

You will be able to access your JCU computer account from FOUR weeks before the start date of your studies at JCU. Your JCU username and password will give you access to a number of JCU online facilities, including your email account and internet access.

To obtain your JCU computer account visit the New Student Website, Step 2. You will need your JCU student ID number to complete this process and this number is located on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), under section C – Student Details - “Provider Student ID” (e.g. 12345678). If you don’t have a CoE, please contact your International Admissions Officer by emailing

  • You will be asked to change your password immediately. Please make sure that you keep your username (e.g. jc123456) and password in a safe place.
  • Further information about your JCU computer and internet access will be provided at the Welcome Information Sessions.

Accessing the internet on-campus

If you are living on-campus, talk to your Residential Assistant regarding internet access at your Hall/College. Once you have your JCU computer account information you will be able to access the internet at any of the computers available at the library or computer rooms.

Accessing the internet off-campus

If you are in off-campus accommodation, talk to your accommodation provider and/or landlord about internet access.

There are a number of internet cafes located throughout Townsville and Cairns, and paid internet access is available at most shopping centres. Most public libraries have internet access for general public use. For location and contact details, consult the phone directory.