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U.S. students who wish to access financial aid through JCU must be enrolling in an eligible program at JCU. This includes most Bachelor, Masters and PhD programs, but does not include the Study Abroad/Exchange program or other programs of 1 year or less duration (eg Graduate Certificate/Diploma).

Study Abroad or Exchange students may still be eligible for financial aid however you must apply through your home school, not JCU.

  • US Federal Aid

    James Cook University is registered as a provider to certify and administer US Federal Aid loan applications for new and continuing US students located at Townsville or Cairns campus. There are several different loans the University can certify and administer as a participant in the US Title IV/Direct Loan Program (Federal Aid). Click here for more information: US Federal Aid

  • US Private Education

    Students may wish to consider borrowing a private education loan for various reasons. In most cases it will be because they are ineligible for US Federal Aid, wish to study a program that is ineligible for Federal Aid, or they require additional funds to supplement their Federal Aid. Generally all JCU programs that are ineligible for US Federal Aid will be eligible for a private education loan, provided students meet the lender assessment criteria. Click here for more information: US Private Education Loan

  • US Veterans

    If you are a veteran of the US armed forces, or the dependent child of a veteran, you may be eligible for US Veterans Affairs benefits while you are attending James Cook University. Click here for more information: US Veterans Affairs