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Completing your studies

Exams and results

Exams are held in the last two weeks of a teaching period. A draft exam timetable is available on StudentsOnline approximately seven weeks before the official exam period and the final timetable will be available approximately five weeks before official exams begin.

For more information visit Exams and results.


Once you have successfully completed the requirements of your course, you will be allocated to a graduation ceremony based on your course and location.  This means that you no longer need to apply to graduate - unless you are a PhD student (please refer to Graduation for details on applying).  You will have the option to either confirm your attendance at the ceremony you have been allocated to, or opt out if you are unable to attend.

Further information regarding the graduation process and attending the graduation ceremony can be found at Graduation.
Note: this information does not apply to students enrolled in the Study Abroad or Exchange programs.

Preparing to Go Home

The International Student Support team provides information to students to assist in their preparations of completing their studies and returning home.  Students will be able to access a number of informational videos on topics including: graduation procedures, immigration and visa matters, returning home travel arrangements, reverse culture shock and how to stay in touch with the JCU community.

Students can also access the Preparing to Go Home Guide for further information and advice.

If you have any questions about preparing to go home, please contact the International Student Support team.

JCU Alumni

You are encouraged to become an active member of the JCU alumni community as it provides you with a life-long link to JCU after you have completed your studies.  All JCU students who have completed their studies are eligible to be part of the JCU alumni group (including Study Abroad and Exchange students).

For further information about the JCU alumni and its benefits visit Graduates and Alumni.