Student stories

James Cook University’s student community is made up of students from over 100 different countries. On campus you will meet students from a range of nationalities, cultures and religions, who speak a variety of languages

International students from all areas of study are welcome to share their JCU experience to provide both current and prospective students with an insight into campus life and the Australian lifestyle.

Check out the James Cook University YouTube channel to see other students’ stories.

Want to share your JCU story?

JCU supports and encourages new students from all backgrounds as they embrace life in Australia and Queensland. The international student community regularly shares stories and advice on JCU Connect, covering a range of topics including settling in, study and travel.

If you have a story you would like to share, or if you’d like to become a student commentator you can email the JCU Connect team.


You can also join our group of passionate students and alumni who have become the faces of JCU by sharing their experiences with others who are interested in studying in Australia. Register your interest with the JCU marketing team.