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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Letter of Acceptance at James Cook University to apply for a scholarship program?

Australia Awards Scholarship Applicants are not required to have a Letter of Acceptance from James Cook University in order to secure a scholarship. Research applicants however are expected to have had communications with prospective supervisors in their intended institution at the time of applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship.

Do I need to attend my Introductory Academic Program?

Attendance in the Introductory Academic Program (IAP) is a contractual obligation for all Australia Awards Scholarship students in Australia. The IAP provides the new students with vital knowledge and information that will enhance their Australian study experience and maximise their chances of succeeding with their studies. It is also an excellent opportunity to create social networks in the students’ first few weeks in Australia.

How do I find temporary / permanent accommodation?

James Cook University International Student Support Staff will make temporary accommodation arrangements for international students for up to 7 days. Assistance will also be provided to enable Australia Awards Scholarship students to secure permanent accommodation in the shortest possible time.

Am I able to return home during class breaks and is it covered by the Australia Awards Scholarship program?

Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) students can return to their home countries or travel around Australia during semester breaks as long they do not have any study / research commitments during this time. AAS students studying in Australia for 2 years or more, and are unaccompanied by family in Australia may be entitled to a Reunion Airfare.

Can I bring my family to Australia?

Yes. Australia Awards Scholarship students can bring their families to Australia. It is important to consider all the expenses associated with bringing families to Australia including airfares, visa costs, health cover, increased accommodation and other living costs.

How do I set up a bank account to receive my scholarship stipend?

James Cook University International Student Support staff will open a bank account for Australia Awards Scholarship students prior to their arrival in Australia and it is to this account that the students’ establishment allowance and fortnightly Contribution to Living Expenses (stipend) will be deposited. Students can change banking institutions at any time.

Can I change my course or institution once I have arrived in Australia?

Australia Awards Scholarship students are awarded a scholarship to undertake a particular course which meets their respective country’s priority areas. There are strict conditions regarding course or institution transfers and these are discussed in detail during the Introductory Academic Program.

Does Australia Awards Scholarships pay for my fieldwork / practical related study travel costs?

Fieldwork travel costs for research students between Australia and their home countries are covered by the Australia Awards Scholarships. The students’ scholarship entitlements are detailed in their scholarship acceptance contract with Australia Awards.