Australia Awards Scholarship Entitlements

Establishment Allowance

All Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) students are entitled to receive a one-off Establishment Allowance to the amount of $5000 paid by James Cook University (JCU) on behalf of AAS on arrival in Australia. This allowance is dedicated to covering initial settlement costs in Australia (e.g. rental bonds, books, furniture etc).

The Establishment Allowance is deposited into a bank account that has been pre-organised by JCU International staff before the students’ arrival into Australia. Usually, each student will be able to access their Establishment Allowance within 3 days of arrival.

Contribution to Living Expenses

AAS students receive a fortnightly stipend (Contribution to Living Expenses) for the duration of their studies in Australia. The amount of Contribution to Living Expenses (CLE) is determined by AAS at the start of each year.

The CLE amount payable to AAS students is $30,000 per annum ($1150.80 per fortnight).

Supplementary Academic Support

AAS students are entitled to $1000 per year of supplementary academic support to maximize the success of students who are at risk of failing. JCU implements a tutorial appointment system that aims to arrange an appropriate tutor for a student within 10 days of the student’s request. This entitlement may also be used by research students for thesis editing support.

Overseas Student Health Cover

JCU will organise each AAS student’s OSHC for the duration of his / her studies. Students accompanied by family members are responsible for making arrangements for their family’s health cover.