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Professional Employability Subject

Learn how to dramatically improve your employment outcomes by understanding the drivers of employment success and implementing proactive career planning anchored in the latest industry insights.

This subject is delivered by JCU in partnership with employability experts Career Ahead (2019 national winners of the Career Development Association of Australia award for Excellence in Practice). The subject is taught over an eight-week block via collaborative online workshops.

A successful pass in the Professional Employability Subject will generate a three-point credit towards eligible master programs at JCU.

    Define and achieve your career goals

    The learning materials and activities ensure that you engage with all aspects of career management and employability, to enable you to personalise your career progression plan.

    Differentiate yourself from the competition

    The teaching and learning is anchored on your targeted career path, relevant industries and specific roles of interest.

    Develop your personal advantage

    Workshops are based on the latest employability data and insights. Each class is facilitated by subject matter and industry experts, sharing real world experience and advice so that you develop the skills and understanding to successfully navigate recruitment processes to secure the roles you really want.

    Start early to make the most of your studies

    Complete this subject before you arrive in Australia and receive credit towards eligible JCU master programs. Completing this subject before you start your degree will help you gain clarity on the direction of your career plans and plan your studies to match the outcomes you want.