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Teaching and Learning

The Professional Employability Subject covers a broad range of topics with the central goal of increasing your post study career readiness.

Across the learning journey you will cover:

  • Approaches to career planning
  • Targeted career research skills
  • Creating and interpreting success profiles
  • How to develop and apply enterprise skills
  • Tactics to accelerate employability development
  • An exploration of personal brand

Upon finalisation of this subject you will have completed:

  • A highly detailed and personalised Career Plan
  • A targeted Professional Development Plan directly related to your career goals
  • The preparation of tailored job search tools including an optimised CV and professional business networking profile

Learning Experience

The subject, whilst delivered remotely, actually involves blended learning. Several topics are delivered fully online, allowing you to self-navigate through key content whilst also completing interactive learning activities. The online content uses the latest employment market data and insights, allowing you to tailor the materials and the tools to your specific career path, goals and personalised planning.

To optimise learning and to deliver an engaging student experience, live video workshops supplement the self-paced learning. These workshops are facilitated by subject matter and industry experts, sharing real world experience and advice. The online workshops allow you to ask questions and to receive direct feedback as well as coaching.

Rachelle Brown

Master of Science, Tropical Biology and Conservation Major

This subject taught me that confidence and continuous self-improvement are key to future success. I highly recommend prospective Master of Science students from the USA to undertake this subject at the beginning of their postgraduate degree to improve their clarity on the direction of their studies and which course to enrol in.

Talley Hite

Master of Science, Fisheries Science and Management Major

"Enrolling in this course is a good way to shift your educational focus towards the future and develop a new way of thinking about your course material. It has encouraged me to consider the elements of my education beyond the scope of academia, onto their application in the professional world."


Nikki Giumelli

Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

"This subject offers specific strategies and steps for students to plan their career and make the decisions while studying that will allow you to stand out from the pack in your industry. It provides industry-specific mentorship, insights and opportunities to connect with key employment personnel within your field so that you will have the edge on accessing your desired roles."

Raiyan Talkhani

Master of Engineering

"I am really glad I took this in my first semester rather than my last semester because I found out things that I need to do to land that particular job.”

Harun Ahmetbeyoglu

Master of Data Science

"It is a vital subject which will help students understand why professional career management is important not only in Australia, but also in international markets and how you will manage it.”

Jagakala Thankaraj

Master of Engineering

"The insights will unearth all the factors one has to focus and improve to be successful professionally.”