2016 International Student Barometer Results

2016 International Student Barometer Results

The 2016 International Student Barometer was conducted at JCU in April and May 2016. All current international students were invited to participate.

Globally, 153,197 international students from 174 institutions in 16 countries participated in the 2016 survey. In Australia, 33 institutions participated.

Of the total JCU international student cohort studying at the Townsville and Cairns campuses completed the survey, 46% participated.

Note: The following results stem from feedback from JCU international students in Townsville and Cairns only.

Overall JCU international student satisfaction compared to Australian and Global satisfaction ratings





















2016 Barometer Rankings

Highlighting our successes

JCU student satisfaction with accommodation costs

69% of international students were satisfied with the cost of accommodation while studying at JCU. This is 9% above the national average. Please see JCU Accommodation for more information.

JCU student satisfaction with host friends

80% of international students were satisfied with the ease of making friends with Australians at JCU. This is a 6% above the 2016 national average. If you are a JCU international student looking to meet more Australians, check out JCU Student Association Clubs and Societies, or come to one of our events.

JCU student satisfaction with local orientation

85.9% of international students were satisfied with the JCU Orientation. This is 3.1% above the national average. Did you know, attending JCU Orientation Week increases student success rates by up to 20% (2015 JCU Retention Data). If you are a new student, make sure you come to the International Student Orientation and Orientation Week.

JCU student satisfaction with English language support

91.6% of international students were satisfied with our English language support services. This is 2.6% above the national average. If you are seeking English language support, check out the services available at The Learning Centre.

Areas in which JCU ranked in the top five Australian Universities (2016)

JCU student satisfaction with teaching and learning

JCU student satisfaction with living arrangements

JCU student satisfaction with arrival services

Areas for improvement

JCU student satisfaction with bank account access

88.1% of international students were satisfied with the ease of setting up a bank account. This is 1.9% lower than the national average; however our work promoting online bank access prior to arrival and inviting bank representatives to our international orientation has resulted in a 4.4% improvement on our 2015 result. We will continue to investigate ways to make it easier to access a bank account on arrival in Australia.

JCU student satisfaction with catering

72.2% of international students were satisfied with the campus eating places as JCU. This is 12.3% lower than the national average and 5.9% lower than our 2015 result.

In late 2015 the JCU Student Association ceased its food and beverage operations on the Cairns and Townsville campuses. Since then, Aroma Café has taken over the operations of The Refectory in Cairns and the Green Plate in Townsville, as well as opening The Market in the Townsville Student Mall. 2017 will see the opening of The Science Place building in Townsville, with three new food outlets to add more diversity to the campus offerings.

JCU student satisfaction with internet access

74.3% of international students were satisfied with internet access at their accommodation. This is 4.3% lower than the national average. JCU intends expand the WiFi internet access to the on campus accommodation in 2017. In addition we will include a quick start internet guide in the International Student Handbook, so international students can get connected as soon as they get to campus.

JCU student satisfaction with eco-friendly attitude

83.9% of international students were satisfied with JCU’s eco-friendly attitude. This is 7.2% lower than the national average. JCU is committed to the principles of sustainability, and has a number of award winning sustainability programs. We will endeavour to enhance our communications about the sustainability practices at JCU, as well as continually working to reduce our impact on the earth. You can learn more about our sustainable practices by visiting JCU TropEco.

Further comments or suggestions

JCU thanks all of our international students who took the time to tell us what you thought about your experience here. This information will be used to improve the international student experience. If you have further comments or suggestions for improvement, you can email isb@jcu.edu.au.