By registering for the 13th International Symposium of Genetics in Aquaculture ('ISGA2018'), you agree to have your contact information shared with current and future organisers of the Triennial Conference.

You acknowledge that you have no right to lodge damage claims against the organisers should the holding of the Conference be hindered or prevented by unexpected political, economic or environmental events, or generally by force majeure, or should the non-appearance of speakers or other reasons necessitate program changes. With registration, you as a participant accept this proviso.


By presenting at ISGA2018, you permit the conference organisers to make audio and video recordings of your presentation by any means and in any media (the “Recordings”), and to use your name, photograph and biographical information in connection with the reproduction, distribution and promotion of the Presentation and the Recordings. You understand the conference organisers will credit you as the author or source of the Presentation.

You retain any copyrights you may have in the Presentation. Nothing in this document shall limit your rights to publish or use the Presentation as you see fit.

You agree that the conference organisers will have the irrevocable, worldwide right to make, copy, edit, publish, distribute, play, show, display and otherwise use and make available the Recordings and any works that may be derived from the Recordings, by any means and in any media now existing or hereafter invented, and to authorise others to do the same.

Neither your Presentation nor the grant of rights you have made to the conference organisers in this release infringes or violates any copyright or other right of, or breaches any obligation you have to, any other person or entity.

You understand and agree that you will not receive any royalties or other payment in connection with the rights you have granted to the conference organisers in this document.


For reasons beyond its control, the 13th International Symposium of Genetics in Aquaculture and/or its Agents, James Cook University, and/or its agents have the right to immediately alter or cancel the Conference or any of the arrangements, plans, timetables, sessions or any other items directly or indirectly relating to the Conference. Participants shall not be entitled to return of fees or any compensation for damages that may result from any change, alteration or cancellation.

Furthermore, with the exception of any wilful damage or gross negligence committed by the Conference and/or its Agents, James Cook University shall not at any time be liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the participants including consequential and immaterial damage, caused by failure to comply with any provision of this document.

It is the duty of all participants to ensure that they possess adequate travel and health insurance. The Conference and/or its Agents, James Cook University, and/or its agents will not be liable for any damages that occur while attending the Conference.