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JCU Connect opens doors across our campuses in Australia and Singapore, making it easier for you to connect with the right people, expertise, facilities, resources, and advice.

Visit us or contact the team on the details below:

Photo of Rochelle Finlay

Rochelle Finlay

JCU Connect Director
Phone: (07) 4781 6538

Photo of Naomi Galvin

Naomi Galvin

Project Manager, Contracts
Phone: (07) 4781 5238

Photo of Renee Guillien

Renee Guillien

Project Manager
Phone: (07) 4781 5033

Photo of Allison Byrnes

Allison Byrnes

Coordinator, Client Communications
Phone: (07) 4781 5011

Photo of Lenore Brown

Lenore Brown

Administrative Support Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 5376

Grants and Ethics

Photo of Tina Langford

Tina Langford

Manager, Research Grants, Ethics and Integrity
Phone: (07) 4781 4342

Photo of Craig Godfrey

Craig Godfrey

Manager, Animal Welfare and Research Ethics
Phone: (07) 4232 1439

Photo of Helen Griffiths

Helen Griffiths

Human Ethics Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 6575

Photo of Nicole Little

Nicole Little

Animal Ethics Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 4484

Photo of Javier Balanzategui

Javier Balanzategui

Research Grants Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 6213

Contact Javier for all National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding rounds. He is also the first point of contact for Division of Tropical Health and Medicine and the Colleges of Business, Law & Governance and Arts, Society and Ed…

Photo of Annette Ryan

Annette Ryan

Research Grants Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 5361

Contact Annette for all ARC funding rounds. She is also the first point of contact for the College of Science & Engineering, Indigenous Education and Research Centre and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies.

Development and Commercialisation

Photo of Seth Jones

Seth Jones

Manager, Development and Commercialisation
Phone: (07) 4232 1783

Photo of Robert Buhrke

Robert Buhrke

Business Development Manager
Phone: (07) 4232 1786

Photo of Tony Tucker

Tony Tucker

Business Development Manager
Phone: (07) 4781 4422

Photo of Brook Orr

Brook Orr

Project Manager, Innovation
Phone: (07) 4232 1121

Photo of Anna Langlois

Anna Langlois

Manager, Commercial Development
Phone: (07) 4232 1665

Photo of Pradeep Sadasivan Pillai

Pradeep Sadasivan Pillai

Associate, Development and Commercialisation
Phone: (07) 4781 6458

Photo of Mario Martini

Mario Martini

AusIndustry, Innovation Facilitator
Phone: 0409 066 475

Research Information (Metrics & Data)

Photo of Marianne Brown

Marianne Brown

Manager, Research Information
Phone: (07) 4781 4568

Photo of Cedric Hensman

Cedric Hensman

Systems and Database Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 6804