About the Director

Rochelle has over 25 years’ experience in the creation and development of innovative research programmes with a strong focus on growing and managing collaborative programmes that link industry, business and research. Her original training in environmental and life sciences provided an essential formative background that then expanded across diverse sectors and disciplines including many years with government regulatory and research investment agencies in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, research institutes in New Zealand and, for the last 12 years, the Australian and New Zealand tertiary sectors.

Rochelle is passionate and committed to innovation strategies that build networks of industry, business and education working together to create successful ecosystems that allow today’s students and researchers to become tomorrow’s innovators, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Rochelle is currently the Director of Research & Commercialisation for James Cook University, Australia and is spearheading the launch of JCU Connect. The JCU Connect team will provide an essential and simplified interface and a one stop shop for researchers, business, community and government to partner through research and innovation.

Photo of Rochelle Finlay

Rochelle Finlay

JCU Connect Director
Phone: (07) 4781 6538

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Naomi Galvin

Project Manager, Contracts
Phone: (07) 4781 5238

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Renee Guillien

Project Manager
Phone: (07) 4781 5033

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Allison Byrnes

Coordinator, Client Communications
Phone: (07) 4781 5011

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Lenore Brown

Administrative Support Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 5376

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Marianne Brown

Manager, Research Information
Phone: (07) 4781 4568

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Cedric Hensman

Systems and Database Officer
Phone: (07) 4781 6804