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Research Commercialisation

JCU is passionate about innovation and making sure great ideas and inventions get to market.

JCU Connect’s Development and Commercialisation team offers advice to researchers on intellectual property protection and commercialisation of research outcomes as well as delivers education and training to staff through seminars and workshops.

Whether you’re starting with copyright, registered IP or know-how, JCU Connect will make sure you IP is protected and that you receive the appropriate recognition for your research.

The Development and Commercialisation team will provide personalised advice and support to:

  • Assist with completing an Innovation Disclosure and Originators Statement.
  • Determine the potential commercial value of an idea or design.
  • Protect the intellectual property of appropriate.
  • Obtain access to sources of funding to commercialise technology.
  • Develop a commercialisation strategy.

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Contact the Development and Commercialisation team

We would love to talk to you to discuss the stage of your project, what you would like to achieve, potential markets and partners and ways to protect your intellectual property.

Seth Jones
Manager, Development and Commercialisation
(07) 4232 1783
Pradeep Sadasivan Pillai
Associate, Development and Commercialisation
(07) 4781 6458

Brook Orr
Project Manager - Innovation
(07) 4232 1121

Robert Buhrke
Business Development Manager 
(07) 4232 1786
0438 688 654

Tony Tucker
Business Development Manager
(07) 4781 4422
Mario Martini
AusIndustry, Innovation Facilitator
0409 066 475